Cassia Gum is derived from Seed of Cassia Tora after Cleaning, Endosperm Extraction and Milling in Powder Form. The endosperm comprises of a polysaccharide compound of galactose and mannose units.

Cassia Gum is Gelling agent and highly Synergetic to form gel with other ingredients:
Synergy with Carrageenan: Firm Thermoplastic Gel
Synergy with Xanthan Gum : Forms Viscoelastic Gel
Synergy with Algin : Forms Gel
Synergy with Carboxymethyl Celullulose(CMC): Forms Gel
Synergy with HydroxyEthyl Cellulose(HEC): Forms Gel

Cassia Gum E499 : Pet Food Ingredient

Regulatory Confirms to EEC No. 499
USA – in compliance with AFFCO
Listed in Canadian DSL
Permitted in Australia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, EU, Russia, Thailand, US, China.
Species - Cassia Tora and Cassia Obtusifolia (Family Leguminsae)
Habitat - weed in forest and waste lands; not cultivated; no human intervention

Application: Pet Food Industry

Cassia Gum(E499) is applied in Wet/Semi – Wet Pet Food formulations as a gelling agent. It renders consistent and long lasting texture and improved stabilization of the final products.